I am inspired by nature, energy and movement. Our world is a layered and conglomerate whole of energetic currents, and I express these different energy fields through my Abstract Photography and Intuitive Art. The reason I do this, is to have authentic representation of life in a tangible form, to offset and replace the images of the mass media which are not based on authentic experience, and only confuse and distract us. Art is the real media that can engage us more deeply to ourselves through visual reflection of our experiences, affirming our experience so we feel more connected to and validated in who we are.

The Intuitive Insights Fine Art is my deliberate representation of the internal experiences I – and we – have, manifested in visual form to enable personal validation, and a more concrete understanding of our life experiences and states of being.

My Abstract Photography are images of water and land that each represent a particular energetic moment in time. Each has an essence and psychological concept it represents through the design, flow and concentration of the image. 

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